Why One Direction's 'No Control' Should Be The Next Radio Single From 'Four'

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Fand have decided they've had enough with One Direction's choice of singles off of their new album "Four." Taking the decision out of the boys' hands, fans are doing everything they can to get 'No Control' as a single.

Not Teenie-Boppers Anymore

One Direction has spent the past four years talking about how their music is growing along with their audience.

Yet, the songs released as singles are safe songs that allow them to keep the "Kid Friendly" illusion.

'No Control' is still relatively tongue in cheek with wording choices but with lines like "trace of innocence on the pillowcase" and "waking up beside you I'm a loaded gun" there is no mistake that this song is about one thing: sex.

Louis Tomlinson.

Tomlinson is one of the main writers of the song, along with bandmate Liam Payne, as well as taking the lead on vocals.

It's the first time Tomlinson has had such a prominent role in a song and he does a great job with it. 'No Control' is the perfect song to finally demonstrate Tomlinson's singing and writing prowess.

Fans Want It

What better promotion for your band than to have all your fans come together behind one song? Fans of 'One Direction' started Project "No Control," asking fellow fans to show their support for the song by repeatedly playing it on Spotify.

Spiraling out of that, fans are tweeting and calling into local radio stations to request the song. They even started trending #WeWantNoControlAsASingle on twitter.

'No Control' Video

There's already a sick music video concept out there. An artist and fan of the band, kendrawcandraw, drew out a kicks music video to the song, that quickly spread from fan to fan.

It got so much attention that Ben Winston, director of the majority of One Direction Music videos, tweeted about it. Only set back now would be the lack of Zayn.

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