Why Lupe Fiasco's 'The Cool 2' is Such a Highly Anticipated Project

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When Lupe Fiasco announced that The Cool 2 would be coming, fans already began to stir with excitement.There is a special notion that comes with any Fiasco project linked to "The Cool" concept and it has to do with the cinematic aspect and attention to detail in each of those projects thus far.

The first ever mention of The Cool came in Fiasco's debut album Food and Liquor. It was an immensely detailed, masterpiece of a track in which Fiasco verbally painted the picture of a life spent in the streets. What's more interesting about the track is that the story is told backwards by bringing a dead man back to life.

The initial lyrics are as follows, "he came back in the same suit that he was buried in, similar to the one his grandfathered was married in." Fiasco used a zombie to illustrate how hard the streets are and the violence that takes place. It was also the first mention of the character's "baby daughter," which MTV says might be the storyline for The Cool 2.

The overall detail in which this story was told brought creepy but current visuals to the listeners mind and played like a mini-movie. It was one of the best displays of lyrical storytelling with a full fictitious setting and characters.

Fiasco pulled the inspiration from the track, "The Cool" and used it in an entire album with the same name. The Cool album from 2007 was a little more experimental but still contained that cinematic feel.

Songs like "Streets On Fire" and "Little Weapon" are both prime examples of that and were among some of the many standout tracks on the album.

So, it's easy to see why The Cool 2, has such a heavy significance for Lupe Fiasco fans. While, Fiasco has had many successful and artistically strong tracks and projects over the years, the ones that fall in "The Cool" category will always be the most beloved by fans.

There is no release date or further information on The Cool 2 but Fiasco did confirm that the project is coming.

Photo courtesy of Scott Sanders Wikimedia Commons/Flickr