Why Kid Cudi & Raury Would Make An Impressive Duo

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This weekend Kid Cudi granted fans the "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" single they wanted with "Confused" and while listening to the track it's safe to say that if Cudi was able to share this side of him with Raury the two would make a very impressive duo.

Both Cudi and Raury were featured acts at the 2015 Lollapalooza festival where Cudi performed "Confused," just hours after dropping the track. The song features a grungy sound with an added touch of mysticism and words that question to existence of his own being as well as every other being on the planet. There is pain and discovery throughout the track and these are both features that exist in much of Raury's work.

Take "Lost Souls" for example. The song was featured on "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" and featured some dark grungy lyrics mixed with a folk sound. "Lost Souls" also features pain and discovery as he sings:

"Why am I here? Who could I be?
Could I be the hero? Could I be the villian? Trying to be productive, trying to make a living
Inside this world, somehow I do
Looking at the glass, ceiling reminiscing, pistol in my hand, hatred in my heart
I'm sorry for, painting that view
View of violence, into your subconscious, what the TV does too
I mean who could you blame?"

These words very closely resembles those recited by Cudi in "Confused" which was more widely accepted by fans who were welcoming to the experimental side of Cudi. Raury was considered as representation of "progression" in hip-hop according to Sway Callloway. Raury is a spiritual artist who represents the promotion of positive energy and good vibes.

For the past year and more, Cudi has been vocal about only wanting to see positivity on his social media posts and inspire people to think outside of philosophies that have been recorded, instead he urges fans to create their own.

Between Raury and Kid Cudi's ideas of progression, self-evolution, discovery and philosophy some really inspirational music could lie within a collaboration if fans were ever so lucky to see one.

You can check out Kid Cudi's full performance of "Confused" below.

Kid Cudi Performs "Confused" At Lollapalooza