Why Fans Will Still Buy Travis Scott's 'Rodeo' Album Despite the Leak

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By now a lot of the internet and Hip-Hop fans are still enjoying the leaked version of Travis Scott's "Rodeo" album.

However, with just four days until the release of the album Scott shouldn't be worried because fans will still purchase the album.

Travis Scott has been giving away free music in the form of mixtapes since his jump into music.

Artists have proven time and time again that giving free offerings to their fans will increase the relationship and support and that should be the case for "Rodeo."

Take Drake for example, though he only released one free mixtape, he constantly gave fans free tracks like "9AM In Dallas" and "5AM In Toronto" to keep them interested and keep the proper flow of music going. Even when Drake released his mixtape "So Far Gone" in stores, fans still managed to find it in them to buy it.

Fans support artistry when they feel respected and enjoy the music that's being produced.

Scott's "Rodeo" is his first effort and because of the fanbase that he's built so far, he will be able to reap the benefits whether fans have downloaded the album through the leak or those who have the patience to wait. Tweets have hyped up tracks like "Maria I'm Drunk" featuring Young Thug and of course, Justin Bieber. It's a little enticing to go check out the album before it's released on September 4 but from the tweets that were released following the leak of Scott's "Rodeo," it might just be worth the wait. Scott fans realize how much he cares about them and producing music that they will appreciate.

He won't have to worry about sales, the music will speak for itself. Besides everything is better in the CDQ version and there are two deluxe version tracks that might have alluded leakers.

We'll have a full review of the album once it's "officially" released on Friday.


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