Why Did Liam Attridge Join Forever in Your Mind?

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Forever in Your Mind has been a Disney staple since 2013 and stars Ricky Garcia and Emery Kelly have become major teen heart throbs in their own right.

But Forever in your Mind didn't always include newest member Liam Attridge. So how did FIYM evolve to include Liam Attridge and just who is the latest member of this pop sensation?

FIYM got its start on none other than the X-Factor Season 3. Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia were contestants who actually got eliminated from a boot camp round.

However, it's clear that Simon Cowell thought that these two had talent because he asked Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia to remain and helped them by adding third member Jon Klaasen to their group.

This was the beginning of Forever in Your Mind.

However, in 2014 Jon Klaasen left the group.

While there's little information available as to why Jon Klaasen left, one can surmise that he wanted to jumpstart his solo career. In fact, in 2016, Jon Klaasen was noted to have been featured in American Idol as a contestant.

Meanwhile, FIYM needed a third member and luckily for the group, Emery Kelly's cousin, Liam Attridge, was available.

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According to his wiki, Liam Attridge plays both guitar and performs vocal in FIYM. Shortly after his joining the group, FIYM signed to Hollywood Records and since then, hasn't stopped releasing songs.

The latest news for FIYM is that the group will be starring in their very own Disney Channel series, called Forever Boys.

If the series is picked up, it will debut in 2017 and will star FIYM as three brothers who are actually vampires.

Though they keep their identifies secret for many years, they are discovered by a music producer who convinced them to form their own vampire boy band.

We're looking forward to seeing the show debut and will be sure to give our readers a review!