Why Did Adam Saleh Get Kicked Off Delta Flight?

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Adam Saleh, the 23 year old Youtube celebrity who is known for his pranks and skits, was kicked off of a Delta Airlines flight after (according to Delta) he attempted to scare fellow passengers into thinking he was a terrorist.

But what actually happened?

Saleh is one of a very small number of Muslim social media stars, and much of his work is designed to let people understand what it's like to be a Muslim in the west.

While he started by doing mostly comedy about living as a Muslim, he eventually got into pranks and social experiments.

Some of his more controversial pranks/social experiments: According to his Wiki, he did an experiment in which he acted out a fight between him and a Muslim friends two times. The first time, he was in western clothing, and the second time he was in traditional Arabic clothing.

In the first instance, nothing happened; in the second instance, however, in the second, the police got involved.

But Why Did Adam Saleh Get Kicked Off A Delta Flight?

So why did Adam Saleh get kicked off the Delta flight. According to Delta, he was pulling some sort of prank in which he was trying to scare passengers by speaking Arabic on the phone.

Saleh, of course, disputes Delta's claims. Saleh says that he was just speaking with his mother, and he was removed unfairly.

There have been several cases recently where Muslim-looking men have been removed from flights for absurd reasons, like speaking in a foreign language. It's unclear who is right in this particular incident, however.

But Adam Saleh doesn't need to be too concerned -- he's had an amazing year.

According to The Squander, after receiving hundreds of millions of Youtube views, he's now a multimillionaire, worth $2.5 million. Some of his highlights: appearing on Ellen, doing multiple speaking engagements, and working with the Scotland Yard.

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