Why Daniel Gillies Fans Should Be Excited About Joseph Morgan's Instagram Account

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After teasing fans with the idea of him making the dive into Instagram, "The Originals" Joseph Morgan took the plunge and began posting a whirlwind of photos from 2015 San Diego Comic Con.

However, this isn't just good news for Morgan fans but also for Daniel Gillies fans as well.

Confused? Don't worry here's the quick and simple explanation. Daniel Gillies only has one known "verified" form of social media and that is Twitter.

However, it's safe to say that "The Originals" star has a huge and dedicated following of fans who would love to see more of him beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Well, since Morgan has gotten an Instagram account, Gillies fans have also been treated to a few photos and videos featuring their favorite "Originals" actor.

That's not the only obvious plus.

Filming for "The Originals" is scheduled to begin very soon and with that, fans can expect a slew of photos from the set many of which are bound to include Klaus' brother Elijah as they work through their difficulties in season three.

Can you say double dose of awesomeness?

Last but not least there is the hope that maybe, just maybe Gillies might be the next star to cave in and get a "verified" Instagram account of his own. Social media is a growing source of fan interaction with their favorite stars.

While many fake accounts exist, a verified Gillies account would sure make many fans happy.

In the meantime, you can check out some of Morgan's Instagram photos featuring his friend and co-star Daniel Gillies. Fans will also be able to catch both stars when "The Originals" season three premieres this fall, October 8 on CW TV.

Check out photos of Gillies and Morgan below.

Brothers from a wicked mother ;)

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We're on a boat. #boats&bros

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We're on a boat. #boats&bros

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#theOriginals #fireitup

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