Why Ab-Soul's Next Album Could Be His Best

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By now TDE fans know that Ab-Soul is likely to be the next man up for an album release and we think it could very well be a game changer for him.

Ab-Soul is truly a rapper who has some of the most intelligent raps in the game. While a lot of his verses may be considered conspiracy theories and challenges to the government, he really insights thought.

Most of his projects have the best balance when it comes to planetary questioning and recitals of theories that have come from ancient civilizations. If you don't believe us, try listening to his track, "Nibiru."

Soulo has been wowing fans all along but to some, his most recent drop, These Days... was considered a bit underwhelming.

He is truly one of the most underrated artists despite the praise he gets from artists like Jay Z and Diddy.

His style of delivery is crafty and he owns the fact that sometimes his fans will have to rewind a verse to catch everything he is putting down.

With the reception that These Days... had and the perfectly crafted projects that TDE is putting out, it's very possible that fans will be pleasantly surprised when Ab-Soul is unleashed.

Fans want that hunger and challenging voice that Ab-Soul had on his album, Control System. We're hoping that we are correct in forecasting one of the best Ab-Soul pieces to ever hit the shelves.

We're also hoping to see another Black Hippy collaboration where everyone gets a chance to take part in their peers work.

Some things are truly worth the wait and while we may not be waiting too long, we're willing to wait for a masterpiece from Ab-Soul.

Are you anticipating the new Ab-Soul album? Let us know in the comments section below. We also want to know which album or mixtape you thought was his best work.