Whoa...Cameron Dallas Reveals Some Seriously Steamy Secrets In 'Never Have I Ever'

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Cameron Dallas played a game of "Never Have I Ever" with his mother and sister yesterday, and the trio spilled some seriously steamy secrets.

Cameron, his mother Gina, and his sister Sierra sat down with a list of questions that are sure to drive his fans wild.

The questions included topics like dating and hooking up, family issues, and trouble with the law. So what have they done? Here are some of the most outrageous questions that Cameron, Gina, and Sierra answered:

Never have I ever taken a shower with someone else: all three family members have done it, although Cameron says it was with his sister when he was little.

Never have I ever had a one-night stand: Gina has done it, and Sierra seemed unsure, but Cameron has not.

Never have I ever sexted: Gina and Sierra did it, but Cameron didn't.

Never have I ever hooked up in my parents' bed: none of the family members have done that.

Never have I ever played "spin the bottle:" they've all played it.

Never have I ever hooked up in my parents house: Cameron and Sierra have done it, but Gina hasn't.

Never have I ever dated two people at the same time: Cameron hasn't but his mom and Sierra have.

Never have I ever shown up to an event hungover: all three family members have done it.

Never have I ever skinny dipped: Cameron has done it alone, but Sierra did it with Brent on her first date, and Gina did it and was caught by the police.

And this one is sure to hurt a lot of fans:

Never have I ever shot an animal: Cameron has done it (when he was younger).

You can watch the entire video here:

Cameron noted that he may do a part two of the game, so stay tuned -- and tweet him any question you have.

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