Who Is The Racist Walmart Guy? Magazine May Have Identified Him

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There has been a video circling around the internet over the last 48 hours of a man who terrorized a Walmart employee for (possibly an immigrant). Now, a well-known web publication is claiming to have identified the man.

The Root, a large magazine/publication (part of the Gizmodo group) that has many famous politicians and celebrities as contributors, is alleging that the man in the video is named on their website.

Who Is In The Video?

You can watch the video below.

In the video, a man is upset about his glasses at a Texas area Walmart. The man starts on a racist rant in which he says that he pays for immigrants to be lazy and fat and not work.

He seems to be shocked that his rant makes the woman at the desk uncomfortable. However, he continues on his rant for a while, until a white Walmart employee comes and talks to him.

It is unclear if Walmart did anything in relation to this incident.

However, the person who recorded the video put it online and it was shared across the internet. CNN and other networks say that they have reached out to the man in the video, but did not get a response.

Job, Facebook, Twitter?

The Root claims that the man is a small business owner from Texas. According to the magazine, he runs a contracting business. Yelp users are claiming that this is his business.