Who are Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya Harding, and Jeff Gillooly? 90s Attack Solved?

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The 90's called...they want their punchlines back...

Back in 1994, one of the biggest stories in the news -- a story that captivated the world -- was that of Nancy Kerrigan.

The award winning skater with a spotless reputation was preparing for the Olympics when she was attacked with a club during an event.

Quickly, the responsibility for the incident was traced back to Tonya Harding's her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly.

While there was scant evidence that Harding was involved, suspicions abounded. Harding was made an international joke, Gilooly became the target of late-night TV, and Kerrigan became a hero.

Nancy Kerrigan: Victim of Tonya Harding's Ex, Jeff Gillooly

Still, things didn't go perfectly for Nancy Kerrigan.

The video of the attack appeared everywhere, and although people felt sorry for Kerrigan, she became the target of many jokes for her response to the attack. You can see her crying out "why, why" in the video below:

After the attack, Nancy Kerrigan kept practicing and did end up making the Olympic team, along with Tonya Harding. Kerrigan ended up doing well in the actual Olympic competition and received a silver medal.

But that wasn't all -- later, Kerrigan became the target of negative publicity of her own when she was caught making an obnoxious comment about another Olympian. After that, she lost her media-darling status, and her career quickly faded.

Tonya Harding: Kerrigan Rival, Potential Suspect?

While the attack on Nancy Kerrigan was quickly traced to Tonya Harding's ex-husband, there was little evidence that Harding was involved -- until, perhaps, now...

Harding was another Olympic skating hopeful who was rumored to have been jealous of Kerrigan. Harding was directly in competition for the U.S. Olympic team and had barely lost to Kerrigan in the past.

During a skating event, Harding's ex-husband and a few friends conspired to attack Kerrigan by hitting her in the knee (see video above).

While the ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, ended up doing time for the attack, Harding managed to get off without jail.

After doing poorly in the Olympics, Harding disappeared for a while, only to get another 5 minutes of fame when she released a sex tape.

In the past, the evidence against Harding was mostly the testimony of her hex-husband, Gillooly. However, this weekend, the story was brought back when a show called Scandal Made Me Famous dredged up what may be new evidence in the case.

The show managed to find what they say is an envelope on which Harding had written an address which was connected to the Kerrigan attack. The envelope appears to be the only physical evidence that connects Harding with the attack.

Nevertheless, it's unlikely that this evidence will change anything in the case.

Jeff Gillooly: TV Joke, Conspirator

Out of the incident, the person who suffered most from the media firestorm was probably Jeff Gillooly. Gillooly was the ex-husband of Tonya Harding, and he conspired to attack Kerrigan (although he didn't actually perform the attack).

Gillooly was quickly caught and sent to jail, but not before the media piled on and made him the target of late-night comedians for years later.

It's still not 100% clear why Gilooly wanted to be involved, but he received his 5 minutes of infamy and essentially hasn't been seen again.

With what Scandal Made Me Famous claims is new evidence, it may finally be be possible to physically link Harding and Gillooly in the attack.

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