Whitney Cummings Talks Her HBO Special, John Stamos and More on Howard Stern

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After her hilarious appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Whitney Cummings stopped by her friend Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show to talk about her upcoming I'm Your Girlfriend HBO special, John Stamos, relationships and more.

Stern remembered what David Spade told him about Cummings being a work horse and brought it up during the interview. Cummings joked that compared to Spade, everyone is a work horse.

She immediately started the interview on a hilarious note setting the tone for the rest of the discussion.

Cummings told Stern about the email she got from Chris Rock, which she mentions in the new HBO Special I'm Your Girlfriend. The email was actually a phone call of Rock giving advice on her comedic delivery. Stern did say that Whitney found Rock to be a great person to go to for advice to which she laughed.

The Chris Rock talked subsided and they quickly moved on to Cummings appearance on Undateable. She admitted to making out with a Flat Ronnie cutout.

"Howard said that Whitney says in her HBO special that times have changed and women with money are going out with guys who don't have so much money," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said in the bedroom the man gets the power back. Whitney said that's right.

She said that guys used to coddle her in bed but now they're beating the shit out of her in bed and that's how they get their equilibrium back. She said there is a low grade anger that guys have."

Stern wanted to address the New Years Eve special she did on NBC with John Stamos. He felt like Cummings was throwing herself at Stamos however she told Stern that she felt Stamos was neurotic and needy.

"Howard asked if she is closer to falling in love with a man or is she just not there yet," according MF.

"Whitney said that she is closer to knowing what love is supposed to feel like."

Cummings is seeing someone at the moment but that a guy cheated on her in 2015. The guy tried to explain that the women in his phone were just friends but she wasn't buying it.

Cummings interview with Stern should have fans excited for the HBO Special I'm Your Girlfriend which airs on Saturday January 23.

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