Whitney Cummings' Feet Are Her Not-So-Secret Shame

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Whitney Cummings rose to fame as a comedian by not censoring herself and being willing to talk about anything.

Because of that you would think the most popular internet search for the comedian/actress would be something to do with her act.

You might, if you have a dirtier mind, assume it would be something related to finding pictures of the sexy star naked. In both cases you would be wrong.

The top search term for Cummings, after the title of her most-recent comedy special is "Whitney Cummings feet." That could be driven by foot fetishists but it seems instead that it's driven by a long post Cummings added to her blog Princess Complex over four years ago.

In the post the comedian explains at length her shoe fetish and her problems with the size of her own feet.

"Shoes are a very big thing for me. First of all, I am a size ten. I know. It's humiliating, she wrote.

"No guy wants to suck on a girls foot who is a size ten. It takes like thirty minutes and you'll probably get lock jaw.

Also, stores don't order a lot of tens so the good shoes in a ten are always sold out way early because Janice Dickinson or Geena Davis or transvestites get to the tens first. Damn sluts."

This was before Cummings failed NBC sitcom ran for two years and before she created "Two Broke Girls" for CBS. This was the foot-based rant of an up-and-coming comic.

"Also, most shoes suck. Sorry," she continued. "There's a reason I wear sneakers all the time.

It's not just to make you all think I'm a lesbian and to make sure men never want to have sex with me. My personality already does that. I wear sneakers because they're fu**ing comfortable. Shoes today are insane."

Cummings continues with a pretty passionate rant about the ridiculous women's shoe market which has pushed prices to insane levels. So, before she was a famous comedian, Cummings was a foot activist fighting the oppression of Big Shoe.

That may not explain the internet search (it could still be perverts looking for pics of her feet) but it's a possibility.