Which '10 Bands' Track Do Fans Prefer? Drake V.S. Quentin Miller

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No that the "10 Bands" reference track has gotten a chance to make it's way into the media rotation, Empty Lighthouse wants to know if fans would have preferred to hear Quentin Miller's version over the Drake version featured on "If You're Reading This It's Too Late."

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Meek Mill stirred up some pretty heavy rumors about Drake not writing his own lyrics, rumors that were later on prove to have some truth to them. Then Funkmaster Flex was able to get his hands on the original audio from the "10 Bands" reference track and things got a bit worst for Drizzy.

Luckily Drake's long time friend and go-to producer Noah "40" Shebib came to his defense and pointed out that credit was given to Miller on "10 Bands" and other tracks.

Miller's got a unique sound for sure that's completely different from Drake.

While Miller hasn't been too vocal about Mill leaking the news out to fans, it's still pretty surprising that he doesn't have a deal of his own.

Drake may not have always used ghostwriters for his tracks, during the "So Far Gone" frenzy and his early success, there was never a doubt about whether or not Drizzy wrote his lyrics but now that he's got all the buzz around him it's clearly become an issue.

Listen to both "10 Bands" tracks below and let us know which version of the track you prefer by voting in the poll below.