Where Has Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Been?

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Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian is a pretty well known figure in the social media world but it looks like he might have slowed down a bit because his posting has been a bit more sparse than usual.

So, where has he been?

Since the "2016 Presidential Campaign", Bilzerian hasn't been posting as often as followers might be use to. The last post from Bilzerian came about five days ago and it happened to be a photo of him that was feature in CHI Magazine.

The photo showed Bilzerian diving off a yacht while spending some time in Italy a little while back. Prior to that Bilzerian posted a photo with his ex-girlfriend but close confidant and care-keeper of Smushball, Andreea Bolbea.

It's been a bit quiet for Bilzerian as of late and a lot of the party shenanigans that fans and followers are use to have been somewhat controlled. Bilzerian did say in his post with Bolbea that she might have been given him gray hairs.

Could it be possible that the gray hairs means that Bilzerian will be slowing down for a bit? A big shocker would be if Bilzerian decided to remain exclusive to Bolbea and give up much of the fast life.

Bilzerian might not have lost a step at all as everyone, even Bilzerian needs a break from the world of social media.

Found this pic from CHI magazine, I don't know what it says, cuz it's in Italian, but I like to jump off shit

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

I think @_andreeacristina has given me grey hairs

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

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