Where Is Amanda Bynes? Twitter-Silent But Fans Don't Care

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It's been an ongoing occurrence for Amanda Bynes, leave something strange on Twitter and then disappear from social media for months. However, despite being silent on Twitter, fans still drop in to leave a comment here and there.

A tweet that was posted by Bynes on March 16 is still receiving attention from her fans. The tweet above was posted more than a month after her original tweet featuring a photo she drew.

While you have to weed through the immense amount of spam and those hungrily seeking a follow back on their social media account, you will find some caring tweets like the one above.

Tweets under this photo go all the way up to May 17 despite the fact that the majority are spam.

This is an odd way for a celebrity with such a huge following to leave their Twitter account. Other celebrities like Shia LaBeouf have followed this pattern but unlike Bynes, LaBeouf has returned with a series of strange tweets. While LaBeouf has lost a considerable amount of fans on social media.

Bynes still stays strong at more than 3.68 million followers. If you want to know who Bynes is following, well the list isn't too long as she only appears to be following 14 Twitter accounts including: Ariana Grande, Frankie Grande, ComplexPop, VMAN Magazine, Isaiah Trusty, Tanz Watson, Agent Provocateur, Troy Sex, Sage The Gemini, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, YG, ScHoolboy Q and celebrity plastic/cosmetic surgeon Dr.

Ramtin Kassir.

Bynes was rumored to be a contestant on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" but her mental stability was a question when it came to the decision.

For now no other information is available but there is no doubt that her over three million followers would love to see the young star back in action once again.