What's Next For David Letterman?: 'Late Show' In The Rear View

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Late night television will be losing one of it's longest running talk shows hosts as David Letterman says goodbye to the "Late Show," on May 20.

With the "Late Show" in the rear view, what could Letterman possibly be moving on to?

Letterman has had enough years on television and enough sound investments that could prove doing anything after the "Late Show" is just out of the question.

He could just sit back and relax enjoying the fruits of his labor after 33 years of television.

Then there's the fact that he owns the Worldwide Pants production company, that is credited for some episode of "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson," the Foo Fighter's "Sonic Highways" music documentary series, as well as many episodes of "The Late Show." Currently the company has a Drama scheduled for 2016 titled, "The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving." Letterman may think about taking some time to oversee or be a part of his production company's projects.

Letterman may have taken over from Johnny Carson in 1992 but in today's technological age, the internet has been a platform for celebrities to jump in and create their own ideas.

He could go the route of "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow who created her own internet talk show called "Web Therapy." With his years of skills gained from hundreds of interviews, Letterman would be the perfect candidate for an online talk show.

The same skills that could be offered on an internet show might also attract major news corporations like CNN or as Variety speculates maybe a special that takes the form of a "CBS Sunday Morning show."

Whatever his next step may be fans should keep in mind that for Letterman completely transformed the way late night television is executed. He opened the doors for hosts like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien and many more who are all now hosting successful late night shows.

It may be some time before a decision if any is announced on the next step after the late show but the world of options awaits someone who's racked up as much credit in the television industry as Letterman has.