What Shia LaBeouf Should Learn From the 'Just Do It' Fiasco

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At this point in Shia LaBeouf's career fans and the general public are accepting the fact that there is something really weird going on with.

Everyone expects things like the "Just Do It" motivational speech because, let's face it, he hasn't been the same guy for quite some time.

LaBeouf has had his fair share of run-ins with the law and because of it people are pretty quick to judge him.

Someone who once had millions of fans on Twitter has now dwindled down to 303,000, which is still pretty big but not when you had the amount of followers he had.

Now, everything he does is either negative or turned into a joke.

LaBeouf appeared in a Sia video for "Elastic Heart" alongside Maddie Ziegler and both he and Sia were blasted because some viewers claimed that there were images of pedophilia involved.

So there is yet another loss for LaBeouf who was just trying to deliver a good performance for his fans and fans of the song.

Now, when LaBeouf is delivering a motivational speech that truly has some great inspiring meaning once you get past all of the strange gestures and yelling, he's become a laughing stock of the internet from the "Just Do It" phrase.

Fans just don't seem to be taking him seriously anymore.

The motivational video was something of great substance when viewed in it's entirety so it's hard to watch something like that become a viral hit off of one phrase and gesture.

As an actor, LaBeouf is still one of the best young talents out there. His performance in "Fury" speaks to his acting ability and there is still so much life left in him.

So, that being said, LaBeouf needs to realize that fans aren't taking him seriously anymore and find some way to make them believe in his talent once more. He is undeniably one of the best young actors of the generation.