What is Olivia Culpo Working On Now?

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Like many celebrities in her age group, Oliva Culpo has made quite a media presence for herself.

Between her loyal following on Instagram, taking a turn as arm candy to stars like Nick Jonas and being seen at events like the Golden Globes, Oliva Culpo has cemented a position as bona fide celebrity.

But what exactly are her current projects and how did she get her start to fame?

Olivia Culpo got her start in none other than the beauty pageant industry. Hailing from Rhode Island, Culpo was an expert cellist early on and attended Boston University. After signing with a Boston modeling agency, Olivia Culpo entered and won the Miss Rhode Island USA pageant in 2012.

She went on to win the Miss USA pageant in 2012, and later in 2012, Miss Universe. During her reign, Olivia Culpo traveled around the world but truly became a household name when she began dating Nick Jonas in 2013.

They had met at the 2013 Miss USA Competition. However, the relationship soon ran its course and the two broke up in 2015.

Since her turn as beauty pageant winner, Olivia Culpo has clearly focused her career on entrepreneurship.

Reportedly, she's started a restaurant chain called the "Fat Culpo Burger" in Washington and also own a vodka brand called "Pure Wonderculpo." She also has her own line of perfume "With Love from Olivia," and a clothing line called "Oliva Culpo Seduction." Culpo was also previously cited as being one of the highest paid models in the world and has had lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics and became a brand ambassador for GHD, a British vendor for styling tools.

In addition, Culpo can often be seen at celebrity events, partnering with various brands to promote their goods.

So what's up next for Olivia Culpo? We're predicting another buzzed about celebrity relationship for this up and coming entrepreneur that will help her snag even more media attention and do what she does best, which is to continue building her product empire.