What If J. Cole Signed Jaden Smith To Dreamville? Smith's Smooth 'Offering' Impresses

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Conscious rap has been taking over the Hip-Hop game slowly but surely and Jaden Smith's "Offering" is one of the smoothest displays of that.

This leads us to question what if one of the best storytellers in the game, J.Cole signed someone like Smith?

Smith unleashed his "Offering" yesterday and it's full of respect for his father, superhero references and other metaphoric marvels. He chooses to go the route of Mos Def bending and twisting words into rhymes that will warp your mind. This is unlike his "This Is The Album" three track EP that was dropped earlier this year where he used Drake as an influence for the tracks.

If there had to be a choice made between the two, "Offering" would heavily outweigh all of the tracks "This Is The Album." Why? Substance.

Substance runs rampant across this track. He's not trying to croon through the track but he's styling and profiling like never before.

J. Cole has been one of the top Hip-Hop artists for the past 4 years or so, sitting amongst the ranks of Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

He is said to be the first Hip-Hop artist since 1989 to go platinum without a feature on his album "2014 Forest Hills Drive" and is a master at his craft.

Cole has signed acts like Baz, Cozz and Omen, lyricists who come from roughly the same background. Would signing Jaden Smith bring diversity and even more talent to Dreamville?

If there is anyone in the Hip-Hop game who could be a positive influence on Smith it's J. Cole. He's been through all of the ups and downs in the industry in a short period of time and is mastering his craft year after year. An artist like Cole would be able to push Smith to continue to use the conscious platform he did in "Offering." Cole's ability to produce is also another one of his underrated traits.

Many may forget about a track called "Smallville" by XV produced by J. Cole but it's essentially one of XV's best tracks ever in terms of how it all comes together.

Cole is also responsible for production on Kendrick Lamar's "Hiiipower," yet another conscious styled record that generated plenty of buzz upon it's release.

More than anything if Smith were to ever be signed to J. Cole's Dreamville records, there is no doubt that he and Cole would be able to not only build a ton of hype, but create great music for fans to enjoy.

Yes, it's just wishful thinking that Smith, an artist who rarely drops music and J. Cole, an artist who's created his own greatness in Hip-Hop could come together, but how sick would that be? We'll just have to keep wondering.