What Hockey Team Does Justin Bieber Play For?

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Justin Bieber was once again spotted in the rink today, this time playing with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in the stands.

Bieber is often seen playing hockey, so much so that many have asked what team he plays for. Well, we've got the answer.

Justin Bieber and the LA Kings

Most of the time when playing hockey, Justin Bieber is seen wearing an LA Kings jersey.

The jersey, which is for the professional hockey team for Los Angeles, has a big LA on the front. The LA Kings have been around since the 1960s and have won two Stanley Cups.

But Justin Bieber doesn't play for the Kings -- neither the professional team or any associated non-pro teams.

Bieber plays in the LA Kings Valley Ice Center adult league, which consists of 500 players spread across a few dozen teams.

He has played in the NHL Celebrity All Star game, and some other prominent games, but most of the time he plays for his local team.

So What Hockey Team Does Justin Bieber Play For?

It turns out that Justin Bieber normally plays for the "White Bears", one of the LA Kings Valley Ice Center teams, which is currently (as of the writing of this article) 3 and 5. You can check his team's current Win/Loss ratio here.

The team plays nearly every Tuesday. Bieber is #0.

Bieber also plays in the same league for the "Sewage" -- what a name -- as #6. This seems to be a substitute position. The "Sewage" generally plays on weekends, and won its most recent game.

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