What Happens When You Shoot A Rocket Under Water? Some Ice Fishers Find Out

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One pretty funny and dangerous YouTube video posted yesterday shows exactly what happens when you try to go ice fishing with a rocket firework. The video was originally posted to YouTube and found itself to the front page of Reddit.

(Video Below)

The video shows a group friends in Sweden who find themselves at the end of a dock for an iced over lake.

One of them begins clearing the a path for the projectile firework then lights it up.

The rocket fires into the water and stays stagnant, then all of a sudden it shoots forward a few feet until it finally explodes under water with enough impact to break the ice.

After viewing the video it's clear that this is a very dangerous act to do. If the firework didn't have the second burst it very well could have exploded pretty close to the thrill seekers.

Either way this video will probably influence many to try it especially if you live in the frigid cold.

The video has already reached over 600,000 views since being posted yesterday. Word of advice, don't try this on your own because it might not be as fun as it looked in this video.

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