What 'GTA 5' Would Look Like If You Were Playing As A Cat: Hilarious GTA 5 PC Animal (Mod) With Asdf

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This might be one of the funniest video game mods ever as YouTuber Asdf shows his fans and followers what it would be like to play Grand Theft Auto 5 as a cat, animal or an inanimate object and it's pretty hilarious.

(Video Below: Warning Not For All Ages)

GTA is a game full of destruction, mayhem and no rules whatsoever. So in an attempt to add a little more spice to the game a mod was created to replace the main character as an animal or inanimate object out of pure insane fun.

The "GTA 5 PC Animal Apocalypse (Mod) with and Asdf" was posted to BedBanan YouTube Channel with over 200,000 subscribers and eventually found it's way to Reddit.

It's fairly new and was posted not that long ago but it's good for a nice hearty Friday laugh.

In the video, Asdf plays the game as a cat, a car, a seagull, rooster and humpback whale.

He wreaked havoc with the cat for the most part while enjoyed the company of a stripper as a seagull by "putting his feathers all over her." The commentary in the video is equally as entertaining as the out of this world mods as Asdf reminds us all that the animal apocalypse is coming.

What do you think of the mods?

Watch the "GTA 5 PC Animal Apocalypse (Mod) with and Asdf" below.