"We're Coming For You ConDon!" - Bill de Blasio

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Against our collective instincts, New Yorkers are starting to like this de Blasio Presidential run.  Why?  Because he invented (or at least is repeating) a nickname for Trump:  ConDon!   

It sounds like condom, and obviously goes to the heart of why Trump is a dirt-bag, which is all about his ongoing confidence game.

See de Blasio's video here:  watch 

The common wisdom is that no one should try and out-Trump Trump--we need to go high when he goes low.

Well, that makes sense for most candidates who don't have the personality to actually go after Trump--basically they're too damn dorky to be funny or sarcastic.

Bill de Blasio may be just the kind of wise-ass the Dems need right now.  Maybe Bill can be what Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush could never be--funny.

Most think that Uncle Joe is the way to go right now--middle of the road and sensible. Absent someone who can be ironical and funny, Joe is probably the right play.

But just maybe de Blasio can make this works if he sticks to his ConDon jokes. He has the right working class credentials as well.

We're all not quite ready to jump aboard, but let's see how de Blasio plays this out.