Watch Trump Flunkie Kellyanne Conway's Creepy Comedy Bit

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Just when you think Trump adviser "alternative facts" Kellyanne Conway couldn't get creepier, here you go. Someone unearthed a standup comedy/singing bit that she did back in 1998. And boy is it strange.

Conway starts the bit talking about a leg surgery -- someone said 'break a leg...and I did' (how original...) -- before going into her main bit butchering reality.

She had jokes about Al Gore -- "action figures sold separately" -- and of course the obligatory attacks on Bill Clinton.

The creepiest part, however, was when she put boa and started singing about how she has the "pundette blues." Trading her robot persona for her "Stepford Wives" thing, in her best attempt at a sultry voice, she sang this:

I've got the pundette blues

I've got the pundette blues


Newt left for Georgia on the midnight the trail

House Republicans made no gains


Read the Starr report and all I could find was that Clinton's sex life

Was better than mine


No wait just a minute, no reason to sob

I'm different from the other pundits...I have a day job

And that's where her song abruptly ends -- to crickets.

But there is some reality in there: Conway describes herself as a "pundette." What is a "pundette"? Someone who goes on TV and "says the same thing over and over but never wears the same outfit twice."

There were jokes about how few viewers FOX News has (she's clearly good at predictions). And lawyer jokes. And jokes about kids getting beaten (how classy). For an encore, she threw in a 'how much men think about sex' joke.

And then there was the truest thing she ever said, "I don't know nothing about that...but they'll [TV News] still invite me to chat, as long as I'm still blonde and not too fat."

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