Watch Troye Sivan's Awesome Performance of 'Youth' on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

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If you haven't heard of Troye Sivan chances are you're in for a treat. Sivan appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show to perform his hit "Youth" off the Blue Neighbourhood album.

DeGeneres introduced Sivan as an artist she loves prior to his awesome and energetic performance of "Youth." Sivan is a YouTube sensation who completely blossomed into a mainstream artist whose debut album Blue Neighbourhood is a big hit among fans.

The album features songs laced with Sivan's soft lyrics over electronic infused pop beats that are all pretty catchy.

Sivan has over 3.8 million followers on YouTube where he also has videos in which he discusses being gay as well as practicing safe sex. Sivan also uploaded a video about coming up two years ago.

His channel became a hit and he became an even bigger hit when he started pursuing his music career. You can check out his performance of "Youth" below.

Check out Troye Sivan's performance of "Youth" on the Ellen DeGeneres show.