Watch T.J. Miller Talk The Holidays With Kids On The Ellen Show

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The Ellen Show has been featuring little sit-downs with kids and a famous actor. These sit-downs are normally hilarious and this time around it was T.J. Miller's turn to bring the awkwardness and comedy to the gathering.

Miller introduced himself as a comedian and not-so-great actor before naming Big Hero 6 as one of his appearances.

Miller wanted to know what the kids were more excited for for. One of the kids wanted a new baby brother and sister for Christmas which Miller said was a pretty tall order for her parents.

Then it was time to talk Santa. The discussion of how Santa got in your home led to a "scary" thought of Santa having a master key to every single door in the world.

Meanwhile, Miller tried to get the kids to convert to Judaism because there is no naughty or nice list and there are eight days of Hanukkah rather than the one day of Christmas.

Miller still managed to fit in promotion for his upcoming film Office Christmas Party and admitted that they were trying to beat Star Wars at the box office this holiday season. There were a ton of gems from Miller's hilarious conversation with the kids which can all be seen in The Ellen Show video below.

Office Christmas Party is now playing in theaters.