Watch Pharrell and Ellen DeGeneres' Eye Opening Interview

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During The Ellen Show, Pharrell Williams sat down with host Ellen DeGeneres to chat about his new film Hidden Figures and its soundtrack.

During the sit down, it was brought to the fans and audiences attention that Pharrell was supposed to perform alongside Kim Burrell for the show, however, due to some negative words from Burrell towards the LGBT community, things went differently.

Before they took a dive into what happened with Burrell, DeGeneres wanted to learn more about the motivations behind Hidden Figures.

Pharrell said that female achievement needed to be recognized and stressed how important women are in life. He told DeGeneres that she is rewriting history with everything that she does and wants women to know that they can.

Then it was time to talk about why Kim Burrell would not be performing on The Ellen Show with Pharrell.

DeGeneres said she didn't know Burrell and in a Facebook live event, Burrell said negative things about homosexual individuals, so, she didn't feel right giving her a platform after those comments.

While Pharrell still said he loves Burrell he wanted to make it clear that the world will only work with inclusion and empathy.

DeGeneres said as someone who has seen hate and discrimination because of who show chooses to love, she doesn't understand how someone who has been through that could speak negatively. Pharrell said that the world will only function through love.

You can check out Pharrell and Ellen DeGeneres' eye-opening conversation in the video below. Hidden Figures hits theaters on Friday, January 6.

Watch Pharrell and Ellen DeGeneres' Eye Opening Interview

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