Watch Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon's Awkward Interview With Keith Urban

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The last time Nicole Kidman was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she revealed that he actually had a shot with her.

Now, with her return to the show, things got a little awkward, especially when her husband Keith Urban paid them a visit.

Kidman joked that she didn't want to come back and she was only there to promote her new film, Lion. Fallon rehashed what happened the last time she visited the show saying they once went on a date together, however, he didn't know it was actually a date.

The host said they both moved on and he is over it. The show set up some lovey dovey music as Kidman talked and Fallon pretended to be captivated.

Fallon thought maybe he would be invited to Thanksgiving dinner, however, it's not much of a possibility anymore. There were plenty of surprises during the interview including the fact that Fallon had a second chance.

So, Fallon struck out twice with Kidman as she waited for Fallon at a buffet. Things got extra awkward when Kidman's husband Keith Urban made his way to the show.

It was a big surprise to Fallon who didn't know Urban was there. Kidman sat on her husbands lap as Urban asked Fallon about his own family.

Fallon continued to fumble over his words in one of the most nervous states you'd have ever seen him in. It's one hilarious interview you have to watch in The Tonight Show videos below.

Watch Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon's Awkward Interview With Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Play The Jinx Challenge On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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