Watch Ludacris and Chelsea Handler Play 'Never Have I Ever'

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Chelsea Handler had a pretty hilarious interview with Ellen DeGeneres, however, Fate of The Furious star Ludacris also joined in on the fun as he joined the two ladies on The Ellen Show for a game of "Never Have I Ever."

DeGeneres passed out the paddles with the proper phrases and began reading the first question.

Both Ludacris and Handler had done shows intoxicated and had both been in handcuffs, DeGeneres however, had never been in either of those situations.

Handler is the only one who has texted a naked photo and seriously thought of becoming president.

Ludacris and Handler revealed that they both have hooked up with three different people overseas. They also both stole something but Ludacris was the only one to hook up with a fan.

Handler and Ludacris seem to have a lot in common as they both were kicked out of a bar. It was a pretty amazing game and DeGeneres' only turn around was joining the mile high club.

You can watch Ludacris, Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres play "Never Have I Ever" in the video below.

Watch Ludacris and Chelsea Handler Play 'Never Have I Ever'