Watch A Little Kids Reaction To Getting His Cast Off: So Awesome

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If anyone has ever broken something before they know that the best part is finally getting the cast off, for one youngster it wasn't actually getting the cast off but how it was taken off that led to a hilarious response.

As the little boy gets his cast taken off he watches in amazement at the power saw as it makes it's final cut.

His tricked out cast receives his final cut and then he lets out a big "Woah! That's so cool," and the nurses technician asks him, "is that so cool?"

At this point neither the technician or his dad is ready for what he says next as his answer to the tech is "So f***ing awesome," to which his dad exclaims "Woah!" Immediately the little guy realizes he did something wrong and quickly corrects himself.

The incident is so hilarious at that point that neither the tech or his dad can stop laughing.

That may have been the most funny reaction to getting a cast removed in all its candid flare.

Check out the hilarious video!