Watch Kim Kardashian Open Up About Family, Kanye and The Paris Robbery on The Ellen Show

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Kim Kardashian West appeared on The Ellen Show for the first time since her brush with robbers who held her at gunpoint in Paris.

She chatted about her kids, husband Kanye West and the terror she endured while being held at gunpoint by robbers.

DeGeneres asked Kim about her newest addition to the family, Saint. The reality TV star revealed that Saint has a twin personality to hers. She raved about how much of a good boy Saint is.

North beats him up all day long and Kim said Saint doesn't even cry.

North is pretty jealous and Kim said when she was breastfeeding him, she had to get a milk box and put it in the other side of the bra with a straw. North seems to have Kanye's personality.

Meanwhile, for Kanye's 40th birthday, Kim is feeling the pressure to plan something romantic because he is so good at putting on celebrations for her special days. Of course, there was a little product placement with Kim and her sister Kylie Jenner's lipsticks.

DeGeneres even gave the lipstick a little try and Kim announced they will be restocking on Friday.

Later on in the interview, Kim defended her mom against the Caitlyn Jenner book. She said it was so hurtful that Jenner is saying negative things about her mother in the book.

Kim said Caitlyn taught her about character growing up and right now she does not respect the character Caitlyn is showing.

Kim also relived the terrible robbery in Paris once again for DeGeneres and her viewers. She got really emotional and said that she felt like it was meant to happen to her.

She said she is a completely different person and learned a lot from the experience. You can hear all of the highlights from Kim Kardashian's interview on The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Watch Kim Kardashian Open Up About Family, Kanye and The Paris Robbery on The Ellen Show