Watch Jeff Garlin's Hilarious Interview With Ellen DeGeneres

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Actor and comedian Jeff Garlin was so excited to be on The Ellen Show and it showed through his hilarious interview with the host. He definitely brought some added energy to the show in this one.

As soon as Garlin sat down, he told DeGeneres was in a wonderful mood because he came to the show feeling good. He got in his dressing room and all of the ladies and guys are dancing. He then told Twitch that what he does when he goes out and dances with the audience makes him feel like he is not enough of a man.

He finally got to Charlize Theron who was on the show as well. He said her dressing room was actress from him and he went over there just to watch her, and, she let him.

Garlin just kept stating all of the things that made him the happiest guest on the show. He had to get it off of his chest before they started the interview.

He said he thinks most shows stink but DeGeneres' show is delightful.

It was only his second time on the show and DeGeneres said he can come back any time.

The actor said he is taking care of himself but he seems to be hard on underwear because he only has two pairs of Ellen underwear left.

You can check out Garlin's highly intense interview from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Watch Jeff Garlin's Hilarious Interview With Ellen DeGeneres