Watch The Ellen Show Put Andy Cohen To His Own Test In 'Plead The Fifth'

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Andy Cohen got a dose of his own medicine as he was put to the test in a game of Plead The Fifth during his visit to The Ellen Show.

The mastermind behind shows such as The Real Housewives also chatted about his newest TV show.

DeGeneres had Cohen in the hot seat and they went over the rules very quickly.

The host said it was like his show minus the alcohol.

In the first question Cohen had to answer whether or not he has ever hooked up with a guest after a live taping of Watch What Happens Live! Cohen asked if bartenders count, while they didn't, Cohen answered no to that question.

Cohen was then asked to name one celebrity who was mad that they played Plead The Fifth on WWHL. He sid he believed that Reese Witherspoon was one of the guests he brought the questions down for.

He also believed that Nicki Minaj might be mad at him for a game. Meanwhile, Cohen said there was a celebrity that always calls him by the wrong name deliberately, however, he would not say the name.

Cohen also chatted with DeGeneres about having his show up for syndication as a daytime show.

He continued to chat about all of the cities that The Real Housewives shows are set in and the new reboot of Love Connection that is coming up.

Check out the hilarious interview with Andy Cohen in The Ellen Show videos below.

Watch The Ellen Show Put Andy Cohen To His Own Test In 'Plead The Fifth'