Watch Chelsea Handler's Hilarious Visit To The Ellen Show

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Comedian, actress, host and writer Chelsea Handler returned to The Ellen Show for a very hilarious interview which included a topless tribute, a game of Who'd You Rather and more.

DeGeneres and Handler sat down ad the host was curious about where Handler was traveling and what she had been up to. Handler said she loves to travel and she loves to film her travels because it gives her the motivation to go places she would normally put off.

She revealed she always wanted to go to India but felt if she was being paid to go to India she would go sooner.

Handler listed a couple of places that she has traveled and pointed out that DeGeneres would like India because of all of the cows. DeGeneres joked that she liked animals but not on the road with all of the traffic.

DeGeneres also revealed that Handler doesn't like to fly that much and Handler added that she normally medicates herself a little bit before the travel.

Meanwhile, Handler said she isn't really scared, she just liked taking medication. DeGeneres said that Handler flying should be an entire episode of her show.

In terms of why her topless photos stopped coming out, Handler said she had a coming out, not like DeGeneres', she joked. DeGeneres shared an in memoriam tribute video with all of Handler's topless shots to mark the occassion.

The still single Handler also sat down for an always entertaining game of Who'd You Rather. We won't spoil that for you. Watch Chelsea Handler's interview and game of Who'd You Rather in The Ellen Show videos below.

Watch Chelsea Handler's Hilarious Visit To The Ellen Show