Watch the Batman Lamborghini Uber Prank in All its Glory

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The YouTube prank scene is full of guys trying to create huge hits on their videos.

Josh Paler Lin might have found one of the greatest pranks of all time as he reveals what it would be like if Batman was an Uber driver that picked you up in a Lamborghini.

Lin uses a black Lamborghini Huracan as his ride of choice and rolls up on the first victim. Lin is dressed in a complete Batman outfit, though it looks a little cheaper than the one from the Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

He asks the woman if she called and Uber in his best Batman voice and she can't contain her laughter and confusion.

She actually says that she was expecting a Prius. The video cuts to the Starbucks and Panera bread pick up where both of the riders are both confused and enthusiastic about the Uber ride.

The two women in the car took some time to capture the moment on social media which included a Snapchat video. Batman actually got to know the passengers and participated in some dancing.

He also floored the vehicle a couple of times to show of its power.

DJ Khaled would even be proud of this video as one of the women declares that a key to success is having a Batman Uber driver.

Would you like to have Batman pick you up in a Lamborghini for your Uber ride? Let us know in the comments section below.

Watch the Batman Uber Driver Prank

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