Watch Alessia Cara's Stunning Performance of 'Scars to Your Beautiful' On The Ellen Show

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To say Alessia Cara is becoming more of a role model for young women would be an understatement.

She performed her song, "Scars to Your Beautiful" on The Ellen Show and explained why she wanted to empower not just young women but women as a whole to love who they are.

That message was delivered through a stunning performance of "Scars to Your Beautiful" where Cara sings about women who yearn to be desired so they look towards surgeries and enhancements to his from themselves.

It also reaches out to those who have gone through rough diseases or accidents that have left them scarred and helps them own it as a part of their beauty.

Cara is sending a message of not being afraid of who you are. She is providing hope for those who are in the dark.

Cara reminds women all over that beauty goes way deeper than the surface and they never have to change themselves for anyone.

For a young artist, it is very important for messages like this to come from someone who can easily make an impression on others.

After delivering her performance, DeGeneres sat down with Cara to talk about how much she loved the message that Cara sends and how much she loves the fact that Cara isn't afraid to be her. Cara said "Scars to Your Beautiful" came from a place where women are being held to standards.

She wanted to write a song that spoke out against that nonsense and at 20-years-old she is already an inspiration to many. You can watch Alessia Cara's stunning performance of "Scars to Your Beautiful" from The Ellen Show below.

Watch Alessia Cara's Stunning Performance of "Scars to Your Beautiful" On The Ellen Show