Watch Adam Levine and Ellen DeGeneres' Bathroom Scares

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It was a pretty big day at The Ellen Show as both Adam Levine and Julianne Moore visited. However, one of the bigger highlights happened to be Levine and DeGeneres' bathroom scare pranks.

DeGeneres is known for her pranks and further expressed how much she enjoyed scaring people during her intro to the video footage. She also reported that getting scared is actually healthy because it jolts your nervous system and leaves you feeling happy.

She explained it was like a natural high.

When it came to the people she loved scaring the most, Andy Lassner was high on the list.

However, when the video footage of her bathroom scares with Levine started rolling it was hard to stop laughing, Together, they surprised audience member after audience member with one of them heading to the door, never to be seen again.

You can watch the hilarious video of Adam Levine and Ellen DeGeneres' bathroom scares in The Ellen Show video below.

Watch Adam Levine and Ellen DeGeneres' Bathroom Scares