Wack Packer Nicole Bass Talks Pregnancy With Howard Stern

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It's been a little while since fans of the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show heard from Wack Packer Nicole Bass.

She called in to the Stern Show and discussed whether or not she was able to get pregnant, making for a pretty hilarious conversation.

Stern joked about Nicole Bass making a baby with Beetlejuice to introduce her and the joke got even funnier when Bass said she would be willing to do that.

"Howard asked if she could have a child or is she hormonally off. Nicole said she could have had a child," according to MarksFriggin.

When Stern pointed out that Bass was "freaky" she denied it, all of this after Stern said that the show was running out of Wack Packers.

Bass didn't offer hope by saying if she had a baby it wouldn't have been a Wack Packer. Then, Bass revealed that she had been pregnant before in her marriage but lost the baby.

As for her husband, Bass said he had a heart condition and died from a heart attack while watching TV. The Stern Show just keeps getting interesting and it's only three shows in.