Wack Packer Fred The Elephant Boy & His Fanny Pack Visit Howard Stern

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In yet another Wack Packer feature, Fred The Elephant Boy has made his return to the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show and he's fully equipped with his fanny pack and a whole lot explicit talk including a discussion of him being a-sexual.

"Howard said he's still rocking that fanny pack," according to MarksFriggin, turning the conversation into how bad the style is and what exactly it is that Fred keeps in there.

"Fred said he carries his phone, his ID and other things in there.

Howard asked if he has a phone number at work. Fred said he does have a direct number but he doesn't do a lot of phone work there."

The show then transitioned into a discussion on whether or not Fred dyes his hair and it doesn't seem like Robin Quivers believed for one second that Fred wasn't dying his hair.

Meanwhile Fred revealed that he has a four or five year old fanny pack that he vows to never get rid of.

Stern and the rest of the crew continued to clown on Fred for his fanny pack especially he made a joke towards Quivers that Stern in turn had to translate.

"Jon said that Fred has said he's basically A-sexual right now and the only thing that turns him on is lesbian videos," according to the MarksFriggin report.

The crew then clowned Fred some more but this time Stern said that he thought Fred was sexually attracted to a wrestler and also threw out the name Mick Foley who is also known as Mankind for all the wrestling fans out there.

Stern and Leiberman also brought up the fact that Fred hadn't had sex in about three or four years but Fred was a champ about all of the jokes.

Meanwhile, Fred weighed in on Bobo and High Pitch Eric's alleged betrayals on the Howard Stern show which resulted in a ban for Bobo and a lesser punishment for High Pitch Eric.

"Fred said he didn't condemn them. He said he just doesn't like what they did. He said that he doesn't have an issue with Bob," according to MarksFriggin.

"He and High Pitch got into it earlier this year. Fred said he called him out on making up stories.

He said he tried to confront him and he went off on him. Fred said that he's at war with Eric Bleaman and not High Pitch."

Stern had High Pitch Eric on the phone who later confirmed that he and Fred haven't had a conflict in a year. Somehow the conversation turned into Eric calling Fred a bully and the two went at it over the radio cast and Stern found it cool that Fred was bullying someone.

The entire interview was a bit chaotic but classic Howard Stern.