Viral Videos: 'Cute Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home,' Compilations Proves Animals Loyalty

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At times it's hard to remember just how much love animals have for their owners, however, this video serves as a huge reminder for those in services and all pet owners that they are adored by their furry companions.

(Video Below)

Of all the video compilations posted to YouTube, the Funny Animals YouTube Channel made a case for one of the most touching with this compilation posted today. The video features a grand compilation of soldiers returning home from their service overseas as they are greeted by some of their biggest fans, their dogs.

Animals are cared for and loved by their owners and the only way they can show how much they appreciate it is by returning the favor.

This video embodies what it's like to truly be missed by someone human or animal.

Many of the animals featured are so overcome with joy they aren't sure what to do when they see their owners. They either run up to them and circle in state of confusion and excitement, but overall the feeling of love they show is second to none.

This compilation is heartwarming and may even invoke a tear or two.

Watch the dogs welcome soldiers back from service.