Viral Video: 'World's Smallest 3D Printed Drill': 3D Printed Wonders

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Well the wonders of 3D printing continues with "The World's Smallest 3D Printed Drill" video posted to 3DPrint's YouTube Channel. What would you print with a 3D printer?

(Video Below)

This is perhaps something that could fix those tiny repairs around the house. Well, maybe not, however it's still ridiculously cool.

According to 3DPrint, Lance Abernethy of Auckland, New Zealand says that he has successfully created the world's smallest drill using a 3D printer.

Yes, the drill is actually powered and is able to drill through soft material according to the 3DPrint report.

"I wanted to make it as small as possible so I cramped all my parts as tight as possible," Abernethy told 3DPrint. 3D Printing is becoming more popular than ever and this tiny drill is just one of the many wonders of creation that is possible.

From 3D printed Gum, to an entire marketplace where you can have just about anything you want 3D printed, this method of creation is spreading slowly but surely.

Watch the video of "The World's Smallest 3D Printed Drill" below.