Viral Video: A Woman Starts Smoking On An Airplane, Two Part Video

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Well here's another case of crazy, as a woman begins smoking on an airplane, however, there was more to the video as she also says that "the United States has declared war on Venezuela."

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A video has been circulating across media platforms like Reddit, WorldStarHipHop, and YouTube, featuring a woman who is flying on a commercial airline doing two things that are very dangerous to herself and passengers. In one video posted to WorldStarHipHop, the woman appears to light a cigarette on the airplane and takes a few puffs out of it as well.

When she is approached by a flight attendant about it she blames the man sitting next to her.

Before this all went down, a man who was sitting to her right apparently removes himself from the seat, clearly to remove himself from any involvement of the woman.

Even more alarming is the second video found on YouTube where the woman is shouting that the United States has declared war on Venezuela over oil. She also claimed that Hugo Chavez was a hero of hers and that he wanted to keep the oil in control of the people. Her rant even continued after she was informed that she would be arrested and removed from the airplane.

This behavior is not fitting for the setting as it clearly scared the passengers on the airplane and caused much concern.

Making false claims such as these are sure to put her in some pretty big trouble.

It's safe to say that the outburst has really come out of nowhere and there was no realization of time or place for this woman.

Crazy Rant About The U.S. and Venezuela

Smoking On An Airplane

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