Viral Video: Rufus Solves 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle With Just One Letter

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This might be one of the most impressive solves in "Wheel Of Fortune" as a contestant named Rufus managed to solve a pretty big word puzzle with just one single letter.

(Video Below)

The incredible video was posted in the Reddit video section and almost makes you wonder how much luck this one guy could have. Rufus spun the Wheel and asked for the letter T. It seemed like odds were stacked all the way against him as there was just one T on the entire puzzle. Then out of nowhere, Rufus belts out the words "Championship Match" that just happens to be the solution of the puzzle.

While people at home may have spent time struggling with the puzzle, Rufus just took a few seconds stayed silent without bursting out more than one answer at a time and nailed it. Even the host Pat Sajak looked at his card in confusion before announcing that the answer was indeed correct.

The series of events made for an exciting conclusion to the last round of the show.

"Somebody put something in the loco moco," said Sajak as he approached Rufus. The sentiment is fitting because the show was being filmed in Hawaii. Check out the amazing solution below.

Watch the video below.