Viral Video: 'Pizza Emergency,' Cop Parks Cruiser In A Bike Lane For Pizza

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In just 15 seconds this video manages to generate one of the most hilarious lines ever from a cyclist who becomes agitated with a cop who parks his police cruiser in the bike lane.

(Video Below)

The video is prefaced with a caption reading, "Just to be clear, the officer was completely cool, respectful, and we each walked away with a better perspective of each other.

This video was meant to raise awareness on cycling & sharing the road. And show how little things drivers think are 'no big deal' inconvenience other modes of traffic."

The video might be all about the raising awareness for cycling obstructions but it also exposes and officer and the man filming makes one of the funniest comments ever.

It all starts as the man filming greets the officer in a non-threatening manner.

"Do you know you're parked in the bike lane double parked?" asks the cyclist. The officer responds by saying "I know, I also have my hazards on and I'm also an emergency vehicle." Queue hilarious response here "Oh, is it an emergency to get pizza? Pizza's an emergency now." The sheer sarcasm in the voice of the cyclist really pushes the line over the edge, however, due to the information provided by the Man Ray YouTube channel, it was a peaceful altercation.

Check out the video below.

Watch the "Pizza Emergency" below