Viral Video: 'Man Fails At Rope Swinging Into A Dumpster,' Why You Shouldn't Ever Rope Swing

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As funny as this video is, it should also teach everyone a valuable lesson about rope swinging into anything. One man decides he'd like to see how Spiderman moves leading to a big fail on his part.

(Video Below)

Most viral videos involving rope swings just never end well and this one is a prime example of that. It's strange to think that anyone would try to rope swing into a dumpster but in this video posted to WorldStarHipHop, it's the reason one man shouted in pain.

The beginning of the video already set the tone for a bad idea that will only get worst. The man sets up with the excess rope wrapped over his shoulder and begins running to make the leap.

We're sure he felt like Spiderman for the two seconds that he was in the air, however, it didn't last long and he didn't hit his target.

The intentions are to slip right into the opening at the side of the dumpster but instead, he just goes flying into the dumpster letting out an "oh" in pain.

Well it looks like your spidey senses were not tingling at all otherwise you might have realized that this is among one of those stupid ideas that could land you on a show like Rob Dyrdek's "Ridiculousness."

Watch the man fail at rope swinging into a dumpster.