Viral Video: 'Man Argues With His Dog Over Potato Skins'

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This video pretty much shows what happens when dogs try to talk back. One man argues with his Husky over a potato skin that was taken from his plate.

(Video Below)

This video is not only hilarious, but just down right amazing. The video was posted to WorldStarHipHop depicting a man and his dog engaging in a pretty funny argument.

From what is gathered from the video, the dog took his owners food off of his plate and the man was not happy at all.

The argument commences as the man tries to discipline the dog using a stern voice. However, things get really funny when the dog starts to argue right back.

That's right you read correctly, the dog begins to howl in an argumentative manner trying to plead his case. In the end it looks like the man won the argument and the dog knows he did something wrong.

This is reminiscent of the old "Linda, please honey listen," video as a little boy tries to argue his case.

This is sure to make you smile, laugh and go aww all at the same time. Check out the video below.

Watch the man and his dog argue over the stolen potato skins.