Viral Video: 'Little Girl With Awesome Vocal Skills At A Restaurant,' Ellen DeGeneres Next Guest?

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A viral video has begun to circulate with a little girl showcasing her big voice at a restaurant and wowing those listening to her.

(Video Below)

The video posted to WorldStarHipHop, starts abruptly with the little singer belting out Jennifer Holliday's, "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Her voice has a tone of soul and it looks almost effortless for the little singer.

One woman who is sitting with her looks as if she knew the talent that the little girl possessed all along, however, another who was listening on and watching the little girl perform, was clearly, pleasantly stunned to hear such a little person with such a big voice.

The song was brought back to fame when Jennifer Hudson performed the song in "Dreamgirls." After the "Dreamgirls" performance the song received a new life and now it gets another breath of life through one of the youngest singers to perform it.

Ellen DeGeneres has been known to feature little guests with big talent and it's safe to say that she should probably get to tracking down this little star.

Watch The Little Girl Showcasing Her Vocal Talent Below