Viral Video: Kid Pees Himself And Tries To Get Out Of Trouble: 'You Hurt My Feelings'

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This is a very adorable video of a little kid trying to get out of trouble and be a big boy, however, he says he get's his feelings hurt and there isn't any chance that he'll be reprimanded.

(Video Below)

We've all been there before in our younger days where we just can't hold it anymore. That may have likely been the situation for this one little one in a video posted to Does this little guy give into the reprimanding from his mother? No.

Instead, he explains himself as much as his mom can understand at least and ends up getting a free pass.

Normally at a young age kids are expected to get a little help from their parents when they have to use the potty. This little guy wanted to do it himself and unfortunately couldn't handle it.

He is approached by his mother and after she continuously asks him why he didn't get her, he replies with, "I don't want to be your best friend anymore, I didn't do it intentionally. You hurt my feelings." He claimed that he loves his mother but she is just being mean to him.

Things get quiet when he is caught in a little fib but he agrees that the next he will get his mom to help. Check out the video below.

Watch the video below.