Viral Video: Employees Smash A Printer To Rebecca Black's 'Friday,' Bet With Boss

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What these employees do to this printer is something most people who've had to deal with one wanted to do at some point, as they demolish a printer to Rebecca Black's "Friday," all for a bet.

(Video Below)

This video was initially posted to YouTube then to the Reddit video page and it's honestly a slightly rewarding video to watch. The choice of song adds humor but to be honest, everyone's been trying to forget about the "Friday" phase.

That being said there is always a point in time where you might be using a printer and for some reason it stops working or gives you a hard time.

It frustrates you to the point where you either want to throw it out of the window or smash it. Save yourself some expense and watch this video to get some frustration out.

"Which office device is holding you back in your life? For us, it is(was) our printer," read the caption of the djconnectionnation YouTube video.

"With a mission like 'Changing the World, One Dancefloor at a Time,' we have no mercy for a printer(s) that has been holding us back. Happy Friday!!!"

The hilarious message breathes a lot of truth at times and this video is also going to a pretty funny cause.

If the video is shared and hits 14K views in one day, an employee by the name of Dave, "win's a bet with the owner for $1,400 towards his 10 year wedding anniversary in JUNE!!! (and unlimited bragging rights for breaking the internet.)"

So Empty Lighthouse is bringing the joy of the destruction of this video to all. TGIF.

Watch the employee's smash the printer on "Friday" below.